In 2000, the AHA implemented the Whole Herd Total Performance Reporting (TPR) system.  This system was put into place with some foresight to accurately identify Hereford genetics that could ultimately allow the breed to gain market share within all parts of the industry.  Today, more than 85% of the cattle registered by the AHA come through the TPR program.  It is obvious that breeders have endorsed the program and it is also obvious that market share for Hereford cattle is growing because of the dedication of the members to the program. 

The AHA staff and board of directors feel it is time to reward those breeders who have dedicated themselves to performance record keeping and have measured a high percentage of the traits that are making genetic changes which positively influence the value of Hereford cattle.  With this in mind, the AHA has developed a Gold TPR program that rewards breeders which have collected performance data beyond what is required by TPR and have been very timely with the submission of this information.

Evaluation of breeders to see who qualifies as a Gold TPR breeder will take place two times per year, once for each calving season and inventory.  The selection of Gold TPR breeders will take place during the process of loading each new run of EPDs in January and July.  Calving Seasons for two years prior will be the basis for the selection.  For example when the Spring 2006 EPDs were loaded for release in early January of 2006, the Spring 2004 calving season was evaluated.


Specific Requirements for becoming a Gold TPR breeder are as follows:

    Herd Inventory must submitted prior to date inventory surcharge goes into effect

    Complete reporting of Calving Ease and Reproductive Status for each dam on inventory

    Complete reporting of Birth weights for each live calf recorded in the calf-crop

    Complete reporting of Weaning weights for each live calf recorded in the calf-crop*

    Complete reporting of Yearling weights for each live calf recorded in the calf-crop*

    Complete reporting of Scrotal measurements for each bull calf in the with a recorded Yearling Weight

    Ultrasound Data reporting on 25% or more of the calf-crop


Members that qualify as Gold TPR breeders are authorized to use the Gold TPR insignia and graphics in their advertising efforts for one year from the date of the award.

*disposal codes are accepted in lieu of weights being reported if the calves have been removed from the herd.