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Calv. Ease Direct (%) 1.6 
Birth Wt 3.1 
Weaning Wt 50 
Yearling Wt 81 
Dry Matter Intake 0.1 
Scrotal Circ. 0.9 
Sustained Cow Fertility 14.2 
Milk 23 
Milk & Growth 48 
Calv. Ease Mat. (%) 1.8 
Mature Cow Weight 88 
Udder Suspension 1.19 
Teat Size 1.20 
Carc Wt 64 
Fat 0.008 
Rib Eye Area 0.36 
Marbling 0.10 
BMI Index ($) 23 
BII Index ($) 19 
CHB Index ($) 29 
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